Breast cancer is usually a cancer that develops in the breast tissue. The vast majority of breast cancer cases occur in females. The rate of people getting affected with breast cancer is much higher in developed nations as compared to the developing ones. There are several reasons for this, with possibly life-expectancy being one of the key factors - breast cancer is more common in elderly women; women in the richest countries live much longer than those in the poorest nations. The different lifestyles and eating habits of females in rich and poor countries are also contributory factors, as is believed by the experts.

There are likely many reasons for a woman to develop breast cancer. Some of them mainly are growing older, genetics, estrogen exposure, dense breast tissues and many more.

Advancing Age: Usually it is said that tendency of having cancer increases with advancement in the age of a woman. The older a woman is, the greater is the risk of her getting cancer. Over 80% of all female breast cancers occur among women aged 50+ years after their menopause begins.

Genetics: Women who have a close relative who has/had breast or ovarian cancer are more likely to develop breast cancer. If two close family members develop the disease, it does not necessarily mean they shared the genes that make them more vulnerable, because breast cancer is a relatively common cancer. The majority of breast cancers are not hereditary.

Estrogen exposure: Women who start to have their periods earlier or enter menopause later than the usual age have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. This is due to the fact that their bodies have been exposed to estrogen for longer time durations. Estrogen exposure begins when periods start, and drops dramatically during the menopause.

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In case the stage of cancer and proliferation of cells is beyond the control of either of these therapies then we even suggest surgeries to the patients. The cancer surgery, if performed timely makes life easier. At the Lakshya Cancer hospital, we have a dedicated team of doctors and medical experts that perform the surgeries. They also provide treatment timely and keep the patient under observation to monitor the progress of their recovery.